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Enchanting Tales and Imaginary Trails: The Best Poems for Kids Await

In the world of children’s literature, looking for a book that seamlessly blends captivating poems with enchanting illustrations can be a treasure hunt. Look no further—“What the Lizard Said” is not just a collection of poems for kids; it’s a magical journey through a whimsical world of words and colors. 

Written by Nels Hanson and adorned with illustrations by Mandana Talieh, this book is a masterpiece that stands out as the best book of poems for kids.

Poetry that Sings

I drop one tail and grow another

as Lizards use a single rudder

to chase the sun and catch the light

Before Today Becomes The Night.

Nels Hanson’s verses in “What the Lizard Said” are not just words; they are melodies that resonate with the hearts of young readers. The simplicity of the language is a gateway to imagination, allowing kids to explore the magic hidden in the ordinary. The recurring theme of transformation, as depicted by the lizard dropping one tail to grow another, is not just a metaphor; it’s an invitation for children to embrace change with open arms.

Beautiful Illustrations by Mandana Talieh

The true magic of “What the Lizard Said” comes to life through the enchanting illustrations crafted by Mandana Talieh. In one striking image, a lizard rides a magic carpet, symbolizing the freedom of letting go. Visual metaphors align perfectly with the poems, creating a synergy between words and pictures that captures the essence of each verse.

And Talieh’s portrait of a turtle’s shell as a cozy home with windows, doors, and a chimney adds another layer of depth to the book. It invites young readers to see beyond the surface, encouraging them to explore the hidden wonders in the world around them. The illustrations are not merely decorations but windows into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Fanciful, Creative, and Carefree

The illustrations in “What the Lizard Said” are not bound by convention. They are fanciful, creative, and carefree—reminiscent of coloring books, handcrafted work, and collages. The color palette of stark yellows, greens, and blues dances across the pages, creating a visual feast for young eyes. The settings come alive with the vibrant energy of flowers, stars, and fruits arranged in eye-catching patterns of movement.

Gift your child the joy of poetry and art!

In the crowded landscape of children’s literature, “What the Lizard Said” emerges as the best book of poems for kids. With Nels Hanson’s soulful verses and Mandana Talieh’s mesmerizing illustrations, this book transcends the ordinary and invites young readers on a magical journey of words and colors. 

It’s not just a collection of poems; it’s an experience that sparks the imagination and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of children. Gift your child the joy of poetry and art with “What the Lizard Said”.

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